FAQ: What Does No Mean In Indonesia?

Is it rude to say no in Indonesia?

Indonesians try to be polite and gracious, and consider it impolite to tell anyone no. In the native language, Bahasa, there are 12 words that say yes but mean no. It is helpful to understand body language and between the lines.

What does Bo mean in Indonesia?

Bo ( no, don’t have ) – it is often used with another descriptive noun/adjective, for example: Bo Huat – means literally “no ability” or can be translated to “no way, no method” or ‘I can’t’ (from English internet slang).

What does AJG mean in Indonesian?

Usually, the word Anjing is combined to other words as Indonesian proverbs. Here’s also Sundanese Swear Words. Anjing (dog) = an animal.

What does Ade mean in Indonesia?

“E” in “de” in pronounced similar with “e” in bell. As a result, several people will write “ adik ” as “ade” informally. Another word to call younger sister is using “dede” or “dedek”.

What is considered rude in Indonesia?

Indonesian people embarrass easily, and it’s considered very rude to deliberately embarrass someone. This might include raising your voice, or making accusations. Problems should be solved in private, not on the streets, and ego-based or emotional outbursts are inappropriate.

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How do you insult someone in Indonesia?

But the list as a whole isn’t actually too long. The most common insult in Indonesian might surprise you. Anjing! “Dog!” As you can see, these normally wouldn’t be used in complete sentences.

  1. Gila kau! “You’re crazy!”
  2. Sialan! “You’re trash!”
  3. Bodoh sekali! “So stupid!”
  4. Kurang ajar! “You’re losing it!”

What is Banget?

The word banget is used in Indonesian meaning ugly,very,extremely,bored.

Is Mau a bad word?

When the term is used of a Black person it is especially likely to be considered offensive.

Does Bobo mean sleep?

bobo/bobok is sleep.

How do you swear in Malaysian?

Malaysian, really loves, to use them, such as:

  1. Anjing! (Dog) Babi!
  2. Lahanat/Jahanam/Bajingan – To express that you dont like because the character of him/her.
  3. “Betina” tak sedar diri! –
  4. Since Malaysia is known by it’s multicultural citizen, so different states and districts have different slang to use for swearing.

Is Anjing a bad word?

Both ‘anjing’ and ‘asu’ are swear words that translated as dog/dog-ish person. However, the rudeness of it are highly different. ‘Anjing’ is an Indonesian word, while ‘asu’ mostly used by Javanese-speaking society. *it is less impolite swear word/expression and popularized by Indonesian Comedic Group: Warkop.

What does Ade mean in Greek?

MEANING: This name derives from the Ancient Greek “eídomai (εἴδομαι) hádēs (ᾍδης) hāidēs (Ἅιδης)”, meaning “ unseen ”. In turn this name derives from the PIE (Proto Indo-European) “*weyd-“, meaning “to see, behold, to see mentally, to perceive”. Hades was the ancient Greek god of the underworld.

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Is Ade allowed in Scrabble?

No, ade is not in the scrabble dictionary.

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