Often asked: How Far Is Indonesia From Australia?

How many hours is Indonesia from Australia?

Flying time from Australia to Indonesia The total flight duration from Australia to Indonesia is 3 hours, 59 minutes.

What is the closest point between Australia and Indonesia?

The Australia–Indonesia border is a maritime boundary running west from the two countries’ tripoint maritime boundary with Papua New Guinea in the western entrance to the Torres Straits, through the Arafura Sea and Timor Sea, and terminating in the Indian Ocean.

What country is the closest to Australia?

Papua New Guinea is Australia’s closest neighbour (roughly 3.75 km separates the two countries at Saibai Island) and a former colony of Australia.

Is Indonesia an ally of Australia?

The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations since the Netherlands’ recognition of Indonesian sovereignty in 1949. Australia and Indonesia participate in the following multilateral organisations: ASEAN Regional Forum. ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.

Does Australia border any country?

Australia comes in an all-in-one package, a country, a big island, and the smallest continent. Australia shares maritime borders with East Timor, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia (France).

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Is there a ferry from Indonesia to Australia?

But there are no regular passenger ships to Australia from Singapore or Indonesia or anywhere in the Far East. There are one or two Asia-Australia freighters that will carry passengers. They have very very few passenger places and get booked up, so book early.

Does Australia have any borders?

South Australia shares a border with all the mainland states as well as the Northern Territory. Where the border meets another state, or changes direction, the corner has been officially named, except where it meets the New South Wales – Victorian border.

What is the relationship between Australia and Indonesia?

We enjoy an extensive cooperation spanning political, economic, security, development, education and people-to-people ties. Australia’s diplomatic network in Indonesia includes the embassy in Jakarta and consulates in Bali, Surabaya and Makassar. The bilateral relationship is underpinned by regular high-level meetings.

Is Christmas Island part of Indonesia?

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, 1500 km west of the Australian mainland and 2600 km from Perth. Although it is an Australian territory, Christmas Island’s nearest neighbour is Indonesia, which lies about 350 km to the north.

Can I get from Australia to Indonesia?

Rules for Entry of Australian Citizens into Indonesia Since Australia is neither in Asia nor in Europe, there are no special regulations governing the entry of Australian nationals into the Republic of Indonesia. They are only required to get their visas from Indonesian missions for the time being.

Can you fly to Indonesia from Australia?

Can I travel from Australia to Indonesia? Indonesia has its borders closed to foreign nationals, including those from Australia, though it is permitting entry to high-level government officials and those with work or permanent residency permits.

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How much money do you need to go to Indonesia?

Total Daily Costs If you stay somewhere with air conditioning and party often, the cost of travel in Indonesia is around $25 – $30 per day. If you go super tight on the budget, you can get by in Indonesia for even $15 per day.

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