Often asked: Where Is Yap Island In Relation To Eastern Indonesia?

Is Yap part of the United States?

Seized by Japan in 1915, Yap became a U.S. protectorate after World War II and gained independence in 1986, as part of the Federated States of Micronesia. Since then, the U.S. has provided subsidies that account for 70% of public spending on Yap.

Where are the Yap Islands?

Yap Islands, formerly Guap, archipelago of the western Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia. The archipelago comprises the islands of Gagil-Tamil, Maap, Rumung, and Yap (also called Rull, Uap, or Yapa), within a coral reef.

What is the island Yap famous for?

Unlike many South Pacific islands, Yap is an uplifted portion of the Asian Continental Shelf. It is surrounded by a broad shallow lagoon and nearly 90 miles of barrier reef. Long before Yap became famous in the diving community for it’s Manta Rays, it was known as the Land of Stone Money.

What currency does the island of Yap use?

Micronesia is an archipelago nation, far and isolated in the Pacific Ocean. The Yap islands group is part of Micronesia and has a very peculiar currency: stone. Stone money known as “Rai” are large stone disks, sometimes measuring up to 4 meters, with a hole in the middle that was used for carrying them.

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What language do they speak in Yap?

people of Yap Island speak Yapese, a language only distantly related to the other languages of the area (which are known as Nuclear Micronesian languages).

How do you say hello in Yap?

Saying hi – “Mogethin” is the standard greeting, it has a little pronunciation spin on it that will take some getting used to, “Moe – gah – theen”, but that’s your basic Yap vocabulary friend making starter kit.

Can US citizens live in Micronesia?

U.S. citizens may enter the FSM to live, work, or study indefinitely without visas or non-citizen registration requirements per the Compact of Free Association between the Unites States and the FSM. The Federated States of Micronesia imposes departure taxes.

Is Micronesia safe?

Is there any Crime in Micronesia? There is a relatively low incidence of serious crime in Micronesia, however, there are regular reports of petty crimes against travelers in Chuuk, Yak and Pohnpei, including break-ins and non-violent theft.

How do I get to the island of Yap?

How do I get to Yap? Most visitors arrive via United Airlines, with 737 service to Yap three days each week. Flight information can be found on the United Airlines web site. The only other way to arrive is by sailing vessel (privately owned).

What is the national flower of Micronesia?

Plumeria Frangipanis, The National Flower in Micronesia.

Do they usually use the stones as money?

Although modern currency has replaced the stones as everyday currency, the rai stones are still exchanged in traditional ways between the Yapese. They are a national symbol and are depicted on local license plates.

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What continent is Yap?

The Micronesian island of Yap has a famously unusual currency: hundreds of giant discs of rocks scattered all over the island, many of them too heavy to move.

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