Question: How To Obtain A Social Cultural Via For Indonesia?

What is social visa Indonesia?

Social Cultural Visa is issued to travelers who intend to visit Indonesia for: Lecture, short Internship program, Short Courses, Arts, Meetings, Volunteer Program, Sport Activities, visiting family and other related Social activities. Once issued, a Visa must be used within 90 (ninety) days from the Date of Issuance.

What is a social visa Bali?

A Social-Cultural Visa grants you an initial stay of 60 days in Bali, followed by 4 possible extensions, each for an additional 30 days, bringing your total stay to a maximum of 180 days. You are not permitted to conduct any type of business activity or take up employment on the Social-Cultural Visa.

How much is a b211a visa?

Visa Fee: S$70 * – Cash. Monday to Friday except public holiday. NOTE: * Payment must be made in cash and non-refundable.

How do I get a visa for Indonesia?

Business Visa Application Requirements for a Indonesia Visa

  1. Passport.
  2. Photographs.
  3. Business Cover Letter.
  4. Letter of Invitation.
  5. Proof of Travel Arrangements.
  6. VisaCentral Order Form.
  7. Driver’s License.
  8. Visa Upon Arrival.
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How much is a social visa?

What does a social visa cost? A sosial budaya visa costs roughly USD 50. Exact prices you will see on the websites of the embassies or consulates abroad.

How do I extend my social visa in Bali?

For the first and second extensions, documents must be submitted 7 days before visa expiry day, the other extensions have to be initiated 14 days before the expiry date. Social visa extension procedure on Bali

  1. take necessary forms in Immigration office;
  2. apply for extension;
  3. pay;
  4. collect documents.

How long does it take to get a visa for Bali?

After a couple of weeks here in Bali, you should start the process of extending the Visa on Arrival, which takes around seven business days, and as we said, is best handled with a visa agent.

How do I get a 60 day visa for Indonesia?

What You Need for a 60 Day Tourist Visa For Indonesia:

  1. Passport.
  2. Passport Photo.
  3. Application Form.
  4. Copy of flights out of Indonesia.
  5. $80 AUD payment.
  6. Transport to Consulate/embassy or mail passport and all forms.

How do I apply for a B211A visa?

Single Entry Visa (index B211A)

  1. Completed Visa Application Form (download Visa Application Form).
  2. Original passport with at least 6 (six) months validity upon the intended date of arrival in Indonesia.
  3. Copy of valid passport.
  4. For non Sweden or Latvia citizens, attach a copy of valid Sweden or Latvia resident permit.

What is a visit visa for Indonesia?

Visitation Visa or Visit Visa is a visa issued for a foreign citizen bearer of regular passport who wishes to visit Indonesia for a short period of time of which doesn’t involve paid-working activities. Applicant with a B1/B2 visa could not apply an Indonesian visa in the United States.

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How do I extend my B211A visa?

​Single Entry Visa (Index B211A) Length of stay in Indonesia for holders of Visa B211A can be extended maximum 4 (four) times, with 30 days per extension. Request for visa extension must be submitted to the nearest Immigration Office in Indonesia at the latest 7 (seven) days before the allowed duration of stay expires.

Can I visit Indonesia without visa?

Indonesia is a visa free country so no visa required for Indian citizens travelling for less than 30 days. You just need to get a visa exemption stamp from the Immigration counter. This is available free of cost. If your travel duration is more than 30 days, you can apply for visa on arrival when you enter Indonesia.

How much is a visa to Indonesia?

Visa-on-Arrival: This is a $35 USD visa issued upon arrival valid for up to 30 days for tourism, family visitation, and other purposes. See the Indonesian Immigration’s website for more information. You may extend a Visa-on-Arrival one time for a maximum of 30 additional days, for another $35 USD.

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