Question: What Is Love In Indonesia?

What do you love about Indonesia?

7 Reasons to love Indonesia

  • Locals. After visiting over 40 countries, I must say that the locals in Indonesia are super friendly.
  • The food. Indonesian food is known for its many flavors and great range.
  • Exciting culture.
  • Thousands of islands.
  • Cool temples.
  • Nature.
  • Affordable.

How do you say thank you in Indonesian slang?

1- Terima kasih. In Indonesian “Thank you.” is Terima kasih.

What is Maksud Indonesia?

The Indonesian term “maksud” matches the English term “intention ” other indonesian words that include “maksud”: english: maksud. aim.

How do you say how much in Indonesia?

In Indonesian “How much?” is Berapa? (slow) Berapa?

Why should I go to Indonesia?

A country with over 17,000 islands, 8,000 of which are inhabited, Indonesia is like 100 countries in one. This a land of great adventure, where dramatic landscapes of beaches and volcanos is the norm, and with a rich diversity of people, customs, cultures, animals, plants, artworks, spectacular temples and food.

Is Indonesia a beautiful country?

16 (Xinhua) — Indonesia is ranked as the world’s No. 6 most beautiful country compiled by the London-based travel guide website Rough Guides, making it the best among Asian countries. The nation was also rich in cultural heritages from ethnic groups inhabiting thousands of islands in the country.

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How do you greet someone in Indonesia?

Meeting and Greeting Shake hands and give a slight nod when meeting for the first time. After the first meeting, a handshake is not necessary; a slight bow or nod of the head is sufficient. Shake an Indonesian woman’s hand only if she initiates the greeting. Greet people with “Selamat” (sell-a-mat), which means peace.

What does Suksma mean?

(suksma.) You’re welcome.

How do you say bye in Bali?

The most polite way to say goodbye is to say “ Titiang lungsur mapamit dumun,” which translates to “I’m taking leave now.” This is generally used for people who are highly respected or of a high caste. Alternative farewells include “Pamit dumun,” “Pamit,” “Ngiring dumun,” and “Ngiring.”

What does Maksud mean in Arabic?

Maqsud name meaning is Intended, Proposed. Maqsud is a Muslim boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 3. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Maqsud.

What do Indonesians call foreigners?

Bule (pronounced [ˈbule]) is an Indonesian word for foreigners and/or non-Indonesian national, especially people of European descent (‘whites’, ‘Caucasians’).

How do you curse in Indonesia?

The word “Keparat” is equivalent to swear word “Bangsat” “Anjing” and “Monyet”. In English, it is equivalent to an expression “SOB” and “sc*mbag.” It is used to direct your hatred or despise towards someone. An example: “Keparat, lu bohong ke gue,” which more or less translates to “SOB, you lied to me” in English.

What alphabet is used in Indonesia?

The Latin Malay alphabet is the official Malay script in Indonesia (as Indonesian), Malaysia (also called Malaysian) and Singapore, while it is co-official with Jawi in Brunei.

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