Quick Answer: How Many Muslims Are In Indonesia?

What percentage of Muslims are in Indonesia?

In the 2018 Indonesian governmental statistics, 86.7% of Indonesians identified themselves as Muslim (with Sunnis about 99%, Shias about 1% and Ahmadis 0.2%), 7.6% Protestant Christian, 3.12% Catholic Christian, 1.74% Hindu, 0.77% Buddhist, 0.03% Confucianist, 0.04% others.

Which country has most Muslims?

The largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia, a country home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims, followed by Pakistan (11.1%), India (10.9%) and Bangladesh (9.2%). About 20% of Muslims live in the Arab world.

Which is the most powerful Islamic country?

Here are the countries form the 12 strongest militaries in the ‘Muslim World’.

  • (Malaysian Ministry of Defence)
  • (Algerian Ministry of Defence)
  • (Gulf News) 6) Saudi Arabia.
  • (Pakistan Ministry Defence) 5) Pakistan.
  • (Flicker) 5.5) Israel.
  • (Americansecurity.org) 4) Indonesia.
  • (Iranian Media) 3) Iran.
  • (Egyptian Media) 2) Egypt.

Is Indonesia a Islamic country?

Indonesia is a secular democratic country that has a Muslim-majority population. Although Indonesia is not an Islamic state, Islamic principles do influence political decision making.

How many people convert to Islam every year?

According to The New York Times, 25,000 Americans convert to Islam every year.

What will be the largest religion in 2050?

And according to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, within the next four decades, Christians will remain the world’s largest religion; if current trends continue, by 2050 the number of Christians will reach 2.9 billion (or 31.4%).

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Which is the fastest growing religion in the world?

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, after Christianity. But this could change if the current demographic trends continue, according to research published by the US-based Pew Research Center.

Who is the richest imam in the world?

Without Furtherado, the richest imam is Karim Al-Husayn Shah. The 62 year old Famous Imam is also called Aga Khan IV. He is a businessman, philanthropist and also a Imam Leader(3 in 1). He is the founder of Aga Khan Development Network, which today is one of the largest private development network in the whole world.

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