Quick Answer: Where Is Banjarmasin In Indonesia?

Is Banjarmasin safe?

Is it Safe to Travel to Banjarmasin? Our best data indicates this area is somewhat safe, but with extra warnings in a few regions. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are travel warnings and regional advisories for Indonesia; exercise a high degree of caution and avoid some areas.

Is Borneo a part of Indonesia?

Covering an area of roughly 287,000 square miles, Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. It is divided into four political regions: Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia; Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia; a small remaining region comprises the sultanate of Brunei.

Why is Borneo not a country?

Borneo is the third largest island on Earth and the largest in Asia. The island is located east of Sumatra, North of Java and west of Sulawesi in Asia. Borneo is not classified as a country as it is governed by three separate sovereign political powers. The countries are Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Why is Borneo so special?

Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, being home to an estimated 15,000 different plant species. Borneo is home to the Rafflesia Arnoldii flower; the largest flower in the world. Borneo is thought to be home to around 222 mammals – 44 of which are only found in Borneo.

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Is Borneo a rich country?

The only state entirely on Borneo is the Sultanate of Brunei. Despite it covering only 1 percent of the island, it is a very wealthy state thanks to its natural resources. Brunei’s Human Development Index is the second-highest in the Southeast Asia. Forbes even ranks Brunei as the fifth-richest nation in the World.

What language do they speak in Kalimantan?

There are 74 living languages spoken in the 4 provinces. Indonesian serving as the official language, while the Banjar language serves as a lingua franca on much of the island except in West Kalimantan, where Malay is more common.

Is Kalimantan safe?

Staying Safe Although Kalimantan is home to all sorts of potentially dangerous wildlife, the lowly mosquito is actually the most dangerous creature on the island. Take extra precautions to avoid bites, especially at sunset when mosquitoes most often transmit Dengue Fever. Drinking homemade arak can be dangerous.

What is the capital of Kalimantan?

Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. Since it was established as the capital of Central Kalimantan province in 1957, the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, outlined a plan to develop Palangkaraya as the future capital of Indonesia.

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