Why Does Indonesia Make Nike Stuff?

Are Nike shoes made in Indonesia original?

Where Are Nikes Made? Most of Nike’s shoe factories are located in Asia, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. For an updated list of where Nike shoes are manufactured, check the most recent manufacturing map.

Are Nike clothes made in Indonesia?

Worldwide, Nike has contracts with 700 factories that employ 550,000 workers in 50 countries. Indonesia, for example, has 11 footwear factories, 12 apparel factories and four equipment factories manufacturing Nike products that account for approximately $1 billion in exports a year.

Why does Nike make their products in Asia?

The reason that Nike has all of its major factories in Asia is due to the low cost of wages and the ability to produce high quality products for a fraction of the cost of that in North America.

Who makes Nike shoes in Indonesia?

Adis Dimension Footwear, the local Indonesian unit of the US-based multinational footwear and sportswear manufacturer Nike Inc, announced a new 60 million US dollars factory in Majalengka (West Java).

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Are Jordans made in Indonesia fake?

A manufactured shoes made in Indonesia couldn’t be sold in Indonesia’s market. It got sent out. They also apply the same thing for shoes made in vietnam and other places, they got sent out from their manufactured country. If you’re buying a made in Indonesia’s Nike shoes IN Indonesia big chance its a fake.

Does Zalora sell fake shoes?

ZALORA does not sell fake products to its customers. Despite its broadness, ZALORA endeavours to ensure visibility over our sourcing processes – particularly for “sold by Seller” items. All products sold on ZALORA are authentic.

How does Nike affect Indonesia?

In Indonesia, Nike found a country with a supply of cheap labor. Even with its minimum wage policy, that “minimum wage†(then) was low enough to become an attractive incentive rather than a turnoff in their cost calculations. Over the years, Nike expanded its factories across the country.

Why is Indonesia the 3rd largest exporter of Nike goods?

Indonesia is the third biggest producer of Nike goods, after Vietnam and China, with 40 factories employing 171,000 people. Indonesian factory workers are among the lowest paid in Asia. Nike’s code of conduct says it expects its suppliers to pay workers “at least the minimum wage required by country law”.

How much do Nike workers get paid in Indonesia?

Much of Adidas’ and Nike’s sportswear is made in Indonesia, where 80 percent of workers in the garment sector are women and some make as little as 86 euros ($102) a month while others do not earn the legal minimum wage, according to the CCC’s report.

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Is Nike made in China original?

If the tag says “made in China” are the shoes fake? No. The vast majority of real Nike shoes are made in factories in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. No, they are not necessarily fake, since Nike makes some shoes in Vietnam.

How many countries does Nike use 2020?

We sell our products in 170 countries. We have more than 30,000 worldwide employees. We have a dozen brands that serve more than 30 major sports and consumer lifestyles. We work with 600+ factory partners.

Does Nike use child Labour?

The Code of Conduct lays out the required minimum standards we expect each supplier factory or facility to meet in producing NIKE products and includes strict requirements around forced and child labor, excessive overtime, compensation, and freedom of association amongst other requirements.

Who is the boss of Nike?

JOHN DONAHOE: PRESIDENT & CEO John Donahoe is President & CEO of NIKE, Inc. He will lead the continued growth of the Nike Brand as well as Nike’s global business portfolio, which includes Jordan Brand and Converse Inc. Before joining Nike as CEO in January 2020, John had served on Nike’s Board of Directors since 2014.

What is Nike Better World?

Nike Better World is a glimpse into how Nike’s brand and products are helping to promote sports and its benefits around the world.

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